Operational Lifespan: 100,000 Years

In this series of blogs, I will be exploring Nuclear Energy as a topic of design and technology. I will look at existing technical, environmental, and societal issues – with consideration to how such issues could change in the future. I will research existing and upcoming technologies with the aim of identifying design opportunities andContinue reading “Operational Lifespan: 100,000 Years”

Lecture 6: Human Centred Design

This week we heard from Stuart Bailey, a Glasgow School of Art staff with expertise in service design. He introduced the fundamental concepts of service design, identifying the overlaps and differences from pure product design. There is a lot of overlap – the concept of finding the core problem in any given situation was familiar.Continue reading “Lecture 6: Human Centred Design”

Lecture 5: Michael Tougher & Soundbops

This week we listened to Michael Tougher, a 2015 graduate of our course and winner of the 2014 Design in Plastics competition. He spoke about his experience with his winning product, Soundbops, from conception all the way to production six years later. This lecture was very helpful, both for giving insight into the road afterContinue reading “Lecture 5: Michael Tougher & Soundbops”

The Sunbeam Toaster – Automatic Beyond Belief!

The quality of a toaster can vary greatly. On one hand, you get your student’s average plastic 2-slot, with a sticky slider and just enough space for small slices. One the other, you get something like the Dualit Vario 6-slot toaster – the Rolls Royce Phantom of toasters, clearly intended for drug lords and RussianContinue reading “The Sunbeam Toaster – Automatic Beyond Belief!”

Lecture 4: David Richards & Frazer-Nash

This week we were given a presentation by David Richards, a design engineer of Frazer-Nash consultancy for 26 years, and a visiting professor at the Glasgow School of Art. He spoke to us about his experience at the consultancy, using past projects to lay out their approach to the design process. What struck me aboutContinue reading “Lecture 4: David Richards & Frazer-Nash”

Lecture 3: Silvia Weidenbach

This week we were treated to presentation by Silvia Weidenbach, avant-garde Jewellery designer. Well, what can I say about this? I have to confess, my initial knee-jerk reaction was one of distaste. Even now, these products do not appeal to me. However, there is something about them that begs further consideration. The way these objectsContinue reading “Lecture 3: Silvia Weidenbach”

Lecture 1: Demise of Traditional and Skilled Manufacturing

I left this lecture with the question ‘is skilled and traditional manufacturing really reaching its demise?’. Craig proposed arguments for both sides. On one side, there is the titanium bike frame example. While you can buy a beautifully hand-crafted frame for £3000, you can also buy a titanium frame mass manufactured in China for £300.Continue reading “Lecture 1: Demise of Traditional and Skilled Manufacturing”

The Heinz Ketchup Bottle – Driving Innovation Since 1869

Since I was a kid I always loved ketchup. I’m that guy who puts ketchup on everything. As such, the Heinz ketchup bottle is a familiar sight in our fridge, but it was only recently that I learned what a great piece of design it is. Heinz’s first foray into packaging was this horseradish bottleContinue reading “The Heinz Ketchup Bottle – Driving Innovation Since 1869”

Can a Climbing Wall have Great Design?

Climbing – or more specifically, bouldering – has quickly become one of my biggest hobbies. The combination of skill, fitness and problem solving has me hooked. There are three major bouldering centres in Glasgow, and they seem to be a hit with engineering students especially. Just to be clear, bouldering is where you only climbContinue reading “Can a Climbing Wall have Great Design?”